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Coach Greg is incredibly excited and committed about working with YOU to create new exercises, games and techniques that are customized specifically for each new class. This is not a cookie cutter program. Coach Greg listens and designs the program around your feedback! Get in on this unique opportunity to work with and receive coaching directly with an Olympic legend. Get ready to get better by enrolling now.

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Learn fun and easy ways to practice happiness and take control of your life.

Enjoy the journey to more happiness!

Enroll in this online course for direct coaching from an Olympic legend. Coach Greg will be interacting regularly with you and asking for ongoing feedback throughout the course in order to give you the absolute best experience possible.

After Taking This Course

You will feel more confident and in control of your thoughts feelings and emotions. You will have the foundation to continue in any direction that your journey with meditation takes you. You will finally...

  • Quiet those racing thoughts.

  • Control your emotions with confidence.

  • Develop a new awareness of your body and surroundings.

  • Relax and restore your mind and body.

Coach Greg

4x Olympic Gold Champ • Best Diver In History


Greg Louganis

Greg Louganis is simply the greatest diver in history. Across the globe, billions who watched either the 1984 or 1988 Olympics were enthralled by the poetry that was Greg Louganis: the beauty and power of his diving captured the world. With a total of 5 Olympic medals, 5 World Championship titles and 47 national titles, more than any person in U.S. history, his records remain unbroken. Today, as a coach, speaker, author, actor, activist and humanitarian he continues his tradition of excellence.

In addition to coaching you get...

Support Downloads: Instructions, pictures, worksheets and more.

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    DOWNLOAD THE COURSE Printable Worksheets • Printable Exercise Instructions • Printable Habit Calendars • Printable Diagrams • Printable Recipes

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    OFFLINE VIEWING Make sure to have all of your favorite lessons available offline. Every video in the program is available for download.

  • Audio

    AUDIO ONLY VERSIONS Listen to every lesson as an audio file. Take the course outdoors! Perfect for walks and hikes.

Bonus! Free SIGNED copy of "Breaking The Surface" or a free DVD of the film, "Back on Board"

Included free with enrollment. All you pay is shipping.

  • Free copy of "Breaking the Surface"

    Breaking the Surface is a best-selling book by Greg Louganis, co-written with Eric Marcus published in 1996. The book spent five weeks at number one on the New York Times Best Seller list.

  • Free DVD of "Back On Board"

    An award-winning and critically acclaimed documentary examining the life of Greg Louganis; the man who dominated the Olympic diving scene, and yet was never fully accepted within it.

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If after two weeks of coursework with Coach Greg you can get 100% of your enrollment back for any reason. You also keep all downloads from the first two weeks of coaching. Why? Because we believe that the tools and exercises in the first two chapters of the course alone are so powerful that you will experience a positive influence in your life and will either come back to the course again, try one of our other products in the future or suggest our products and/or services to friends and loved ones.

My goal in creating this course is to teach you how to get in touch with our bodies, mind, and spirit for success and happiness. - Greg Louganis

Enjoy the journey and share it with others. MiM, is just the beginning of a life long practice, make it joyful!

Take control of your mind, body and spirit.

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